ahuhu essential Anti Age Moisturizing Elixir - 100ml

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ahuhu essential Anti Age Moisturizing Elixir - 100ml Essential Anti-Age Elixir (100 ml) The moisturizing Elixir brings scalp back into the right balance. An extra portion of Ahuhu ensures strong hair roots and a vital scalp . Especially thanks to the organic pea sprout extract, the Elixir has been proven to prevent hair loss * . To strengthen the serum with caffeine and activating extracts such as jiaogulan, ginkgo and peppermint hair and scalp. Aloe vera, panthenol, betaine and zinc additionally provide moisture. If you use the hair regularly, it may appear denser and fuller with regular use. Thin and powerless hair can grow stronger, Essential Anti-Age Elixir is suitable for daily use on the scalp.

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