Moroccan Argan Oil Hair, Body & Nails 100ml

145 AED


Pampering care: Mother Nature argan oil is carefully extracted from the stone fruits of the argan tree by gentle cold pressing. This preserves the valuable nutrients in the argan nuts. The soft and luxurious oil texture of Mother Nature Argan Oil pampers dry hair with moisture, tames frizzy hair and gives damaged hair an outrageously smooth shine. With regular use, it prevents split ends and structural damage in the long term. Nourishing & Restoring natural and pure - without artificial colors or additives ideal care for dry and brittle hair for well-nourished, strong and shiny hair 100% vegan. Beauty tip: Mother Nature's Natural Argan Oil not only nourishes dry hair so it's silky, but also provides dry skin and brittle nails an extra dose of moisture.

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