ahuhu COLLAGEN Volume Up Shampoo & Conditioner size (200x200 ml)

220 AED


ahuhu COLLAGEN Volume Up Shampoo introductory size (200 ml) The volumizing shampoo cleanses the hair with mild surfactants and gives the hair new volume and grip with valuable vegetable collagen. Oils and moisturizing ingredients nourish weak and fine hair down to the depth. The combination of the ahuhu extract, nettle and pomegranate also ensures that the hair is more stable and strengthens it from the root. ahuhu COLLAGEN Volume Up Conditioner introductory size (200 ml) The nourishing conditioner supports the hair in its natural volume and gives it more stability. The lifting effect of the collagen ensures that fine, limp hair is visibly more stable and volume. Valuable oils such as avocado oil, shea butter and panthenol make it easier to comb and give the hair a special shine without weighing it down.

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