Details M.Asam - Magic Finish Collection M.Asam Premium Ampoule Beauty Treatment Collection ISANA Glow & Shine Hydrogel Eye-Pads
Image M.Asam - Magic Finish Collection M.Asam Premium Ampoule Beauty Treatment Collection ISANA Glow & Shine Hydrogel Eye-Pads
Details 1- M.Asam MAGIC FINISH Make-up Summer Teint mit LSF 12.. 2- M.Asam MAGIC FINISH Volume Mascara (10 ml).. 3- M.asam Magic Finish Satin Blush Peachy Rose 11g.. 4- M.asam Magic Finish Satin Eye Shadow 4x2,25g.. 5-M.asam Magic Finish Satin Lipstick Rosewood.. 6- M.asam Magic Finish Satin Lipstick Almond .. 7- M.asam Magic Finish Satin Lipstick Ruby Red.. Aqua Intense This fragrance-free ampoule beauty treatment contains our proprietary hyaluronic acid complex that intensely moisturizes your skin and helps it retain moisture It is formulated with magnesium, copper and zinc This special beauty treatment intensely moisturizes and cares for your skin and helps fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Retinol Intense This beauty treatment that contains highly concentrated retinol and helps fight the visible signs of aging The creamy texture is best applied in the evening as an intensive revitalizing beauty treatment Your complexion appears refreshed and smooth Best to use a sunscreen when going out in the sun VINOLIFT This intensive beauty treatment contains a special complex of peptides and helps support your skin for a smooth-looking complexion Formulated with grape seed oil, grape stem cells, encapsulated OPC and other key ingredients Resveratrol This Resveratrol Premium Ampoule Beauty Treatment intensely cares for your skin with ingredients such as resveratrol, Gatuline® Expression, hyaluronic acid and panthenol It refines and refreshes the appearance of your skin How to Use Use one (1) ampoule each day for four (4) weeks. Shake well before use. Break off the tip of the ampoule using a cloth. After cleansing the skin, apply the contents of one ampoule onto your face, neck and decollete with your fingertips. One entire ampoule should be used within one day. Follow with your usual skin care routine. Made in Germany The ISANA Glow & Shine Hydrogel Eye-Pads in a rose glamor look let the eye area shine in new splendor. The formulation of the eye pads with grapefruit extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera refreshes and pampers the skin intensely with soothing moisture. It has a cooling and decongestant effect on the tired eye area and visibly smoothes fine lines. The recipe is 100% without microplastics. contact details 2 pads

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