Details M.Asam Clear Skin Set Ahuhu Shampoo, Tonic & Elixir MAGIC FINISH EYE DESIGNER Black
Image M.Asam Clear Skin Set Ahuhu Shampoo, Tonic & Elixir MAGIC FINISH EYE DESIGNER Black
Details M.Asam Clear Skin Set includes: CLEAR SKIN Cleansing Gel (200 ml) The M. Asam CLEAR SKIN cleansing gel with salicylic acid is especially suitable for the thorough cleansing of oily and combination skin . Fat-dissolving substances rid the skin of make-up residues, excess sebum and bacteria . Massage the cleansing gel in the morning and in the evening thoroughly on the face, let it act for a short time and then rinse it off with plenty of lukewarm water. The skin is already cleansed to the pores in the first step CLEAR SKIN clarifying tonic (200 ml) This mild, refreshing, non-alcoholic toner from M. Asam is able to gently and gently cleanse the pores without damaging the natural acid mantle of the skin . Blocked sebaceous glands are opened so that the skin oil can drain away again. After cleansing, apply the Clarifying Tonic to the skin twice a day with a cotton pad. The skin is gently and pore-deep cleared . This mild and refreshing facial cleanses gently and leaves a clear, refreshed complexion. CLEAR SKIN 24H Effect Cream (100 ml) When taking care of oily and impure skin , it is especially important to add moisture to the skin and protect it from the ingress of bacteria. The 24H Effect Cream contains vitamins and shea butter , which improves skin hydration and makes the skin soft and supple . Apply the 24H Effect Cream morning and evening on the cleansed face , mas CLEAR SKIN Cleansing Mask (100 ml) The creamy texture of the cleansing mask has a slightly dark white tint due to the contained healing clay. Clay absorbs excess sebum and frees the skin of oil shine. The clay prevents a rapid greasing of the skin and ensures a matte, fine-pored complexion . After application, the skin feels soft, well-groomed and dull. Perfectly defined eyes in 1 minute 4-in-1 eye contour pencil (0.3 g) with up to 8 hours of hold Soft-gliding lead with an intense black Waterproof texture with a matte finish Ultra-fine pigments for intense color release With integrated sponge for blending

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