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FUSSWOHL CORNEAL REMOVER SOCKS. contain a mask that easily and gently removes your cornea from your feet. Simply put on the corneal socks and relax, this saves you the time-consuming and laborious removal of the cornea with foot care devices. Lactic acid loosens the cornea and ensures that dead skin cells are easily released for well-groomed and velvet-soft feet with refreshing menthol, urea & extra honey gently reduces the cornea and soothes cracks this recipe is 100% microplastic free. To use: 1. Remove nail polish. Clean and dry your feet. 2. Cut the socks with scissors in the dividing line. 3. Wear socks and seal them once around the ankle with adhesive cover. Let the mask work for 30-45 minutes; Meanwhile, bend your legs slightly while sitting or lying down so that the fluid does not leak. Submission time must not be exceeded. If you suffer from itching or skin irritation during use, stop using it and wash your feet. 4. Take off your socks and wash your feet well with a mild lotion. After a few days, the extra cornea flakes off. Use the mask only once a month

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