MAGIC FINISH Diamond Glow & Gold Glow Serum Duo

145 AED


CREATE THE PERFECT GLOW IN 1 MINUTE M. Asam MAGIC FINISH GLOW SERUM Duo Diamond & Gold Glow (2 x 15 ml) 4-in-1 highlighter serum with diamond-peptide complex, radiance boost technology, silky care formula & extra moisture With moisturizing hyaluronic acid, retinol & vitamin E. With an activating & protecting diamond-peptide complex With vitalizing radiance boost technology for more luminosity Care formula with almond & apricot kernel oil, aloe vera, magnolia extract & grape fruit water Nourishing panthenol protects & regenerates Creamy, delicate texture with high maintenance potential Light-reflecting pearl pigments for individually buildable glow results Connects seamlessly to the skin & can be blended evenly Cool silver diamond shine for extravagant accents Warm gold for soft, cuddly looks

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